Are you celebrating Women’s Day?




Today as I sit down to write , I wonder

why should I celebrate women’s day just today ?

when I love as a wife , I cherish the passion in me

when I care as a mother , I nurture the kindness  in me

when I scold like a sister, I also forgive faults in me

when I listen like a daughter, I pay respect in me

when I gossip like a friend, I refer to the child in me

when I work my work, I authorise powers in me

All these I do everyday , they make me

but ,

when I listen to self, I live the woman in me

when I speak  my mind , I celebrate being me

when I stand for my rights , I stand for me

when I follow my heart, I adore the woman in me

And only when I love myself , I embrace the soul in me

Love yourself each day , and celebrate Women’s day everyday !


Happy Women’s Day , together we inspire.

Happiness ans sunshine







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  1. Archit says:

    Too good !!👍👌

    Liked by 1 person

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