Feel better to behave better !

What happens when you scold your child or abuse them or punish them for the sake of discipline ??

I know it’s not easy to behave properly with them when they miss behave , but believe me if you misbehave too what do they learn ? Nothing . It take it as a challenge and find other reasons to annoy you .

Instead behave yourself and stay calm . Talk with your children and make them feel better only then they will behave better .

Feel better to behave better .

Happiness and sunshine



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  1. Tammy7711 says:

    Oh well here in the Caribbean is way different! We get scold and when we do it disciplines us indeed! Lol trust me! Thank much for sharing! Love and peace to you! Xx 💖☺

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    1. Tammy stay tuned for my upcoming post in discipline and punishment . Thanks for the insight .

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      1. Tammy7711 says:

        Awesomeness!!! You’re welcome.

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