1st Blog Anniversary!

Yes, why should I keep calm,its my 1st blog Anniversary ! and with great pride I am sharing this with you …..

A gift to self ,handmade by me.

On 9th of Feb 2017,while returning back home from work I decided to create my own blog. why? and what to call it? I wanted a name which would be thoughtful and could give a feel of the blog to the prospect reader. “Sunnies” means happiness, and “Bunnies” reflect to both my kids Sparsh (9) and Anaya(6). Sunniesmybunnies is a happiness project to me, wherein I map little joys and small conversations with them. That evening I wrote my first blog “sunshine” and published it. I can still feel the tremble of my hands when I first hit the publish button. Believe me, what I have written happens or has happened or will happen to each one of us but seldom we pay mindful attention to them. This is my way of paying attention to those celebrated moments and document them to give my bunnies a treasure to cherish forever. I want to give them their childhood served on a plate.

Why Blog?

This is my centenary post and I am extremely happy to share that the blog is picking up and growing. Slow and steady wins the race and that implies for me I guess. Daily interactions with kids gives me enough material to write on and thankfully I haven’t found myself looking for topics till date. Otherwise occupied in family business, jewellery making and pranic healing little did I know the potential of my words until these happened.

  • I was at a birthday party with my kids and this lady (not mentioning name) walks towards me, holds my hand and expresses how grateful she is for my words as it is helping her to raise her 3 yr. old. She saves my posts in a separate folder and refers to them as and when needed. My words were helping others. WOW
  • My friends and family take pride in talking about me and my blogs. It gives me that celebrity type feeling when they call me and share these instances. People are talking about it. NICE
  • I did not write for a couple of months during summer break due to constant travels. I got numerous WhatsApp messages that time, when people said they were missing my blogs, some wanted to check on my health and some messaged out of curiosity. The feeling was fantastic and beyond the capacity of my words. I was MISSED.

Autumn I was back with loads of fresh ideas and new posts which continued till winter and is blooming in this spring. Frequent shares, likes and comments encouraged me to write more and create more meaningful contents. My favourite posts are “gratitude”,” chores”,” Christmas”, “Diwali”, “no” and “happiness jar” while I loved writing “popsicle” ,”bubbles” and “time“.


Happiness journey so far……

I am happy to share that I have generated only organic likes on my blog and now have around 1149 followers. Facebook: 1065; Twitter: 6; Instagram :56  and WordPress: 77. You can also follow on pinterest and google+ . I am learning to explore my blog on the social media and would request your continuous support on the same. They are new and require to be nurtured.

My blog post “Gardening” got featured in “The Wonder Women World “forum on Oct 17th 2017 which gave me an opportunity to make new friends and establish great connects.

The WordPress community has been very kind and have accepted my blogs with open arms. Together we inspire motivate and learn from each other. A fellow blogger nominated me for the Real neat blog award and I am extremely thankful to her for giving me an opportunity to make new connects.

I have been approached by brands/services to review and write about them in my blogs too. It would mean monetizing my blog, and honestly I am not looking at now.


Chasing Sunshine …..

Apart from parenting and talking on life lessons and spreading happiness and glee, this year I have introduced three new categories to the blog namely Travel, Poetry and Happiness bites.

  • I love travelling and after receiving enormous compliments on my Facebook posts regarding my travel diaries decided to blog it too. My travel blogs are full of pictures, recommendations and experiences. Some travels are with kids (Lego land, Shimla) and some without (Adelaide, Cairns)
  • Poetry is something which I enjoy doing. Witty, short, cute and funny, poetry gives me a chance to experience all. Red moon,5 senses 5 courses, lavender and saree are my favourite so far.
  • Happiness bites are about inspirational pictures and happy quotes. It like an icing on the cake served to brighten up days and uplift moods. Check out “sunshine”, “why waste 60 seconds” or “look in” and get infected with positivity.


Looking forward …..

I have set some targets for myself for this year like

  • Building upon my viewership by focusing on social media (need help on this, will be happy if you could guide me on spreading the word.)Creating a Facebook page for sunniesmybunnies to venture into the public domain.
  • Creating more appropriate content,
  • Improving the picture quality (to use my product photography skills).
  • Understand the art of blogging (this means I need to explore more ) and
  • Engage in doing guest posts for schools and other parenting channels.

thank u

A word of thanks ……

I sincerely, deeply, humbly and truly want to thank each and every soul who has contributed in the making of Sunniesmybunnies. Thank you for your likes, loves, shares, comments, pins, instalove and retweets. This would not have been possible without your support and encouragement. Welcome to the Sunniesmybunnies family and stay tuned to inspire and motivate each other in the coming years too. I love to hear from you, my heart swells with happiness when I hear your experiences and stories. Please continue to do so and keep the love flowing. Feel free to write to me your suggestions and topics you would want me to cover for you too.

Happiness is contagious, it infects both the receiver and the giver

Lastly as I always say, Happiness and sunshine



12 Comments Add yours

  1. Rajat says:

    Dear Nidhi, first of all many congratulations for having come so far and doing a hundred blog postings. While I am very proud of your feats and achievements; to me personally… the greatest joy has been to see your happiness and positivity in everything that you do or get done. I feel that our life together has become more happy, meaningful and less complicated ever since.

    Thank you for realising the potential in you and putting it to such good use. Continue to love and Be Loved…..

    Yours truly, now and forever……

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I cannot express my gratitude to you in words 🙂 let’s celebrate tonite !


  2. arv! says:

    Great going, Nidhi. Your post is quite inspiring. Wishing you many more milestones to achieve.

    Let me know if I can contribute to your blogging journey.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Many thanks Arv ! I know I haven’t crashed any numbers but still proud of myself of going slow yet steady .


      1. arv! says:

        That’s the best way forward Nidhi. You’re on the right path

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Just trying my bit

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Yes please , I don’t know anything about promoting it . Hashtags I don’t understand neither can I tweet. Reading and learning in the process.
      Have created a Facebook page too dedicated to sunniesmybunnies . Do check on sm and follow 🙂


      1. arv! says:

        Sure. If you can post a link, I’ll follow. I have learnt a great deal about it, can’t say I know all about it but will be happy to share. 😃

        Liked by 1 person

    3. Stay tuned , my take on Rajasthan is coming up soon ….


      1. arv! says:

        Great. Looking forward to it.

        Liked by 1 person

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