I often say , be your own happiness but I think I am being selfish here. Yes I am the reason to my happiness no denying that , but once I am happy it’s my moral duty to make others happy too !

When you can share your sorrows your problems with others , why can’t you share happiness . Believe me the more you share the more you get . As law of attraction proves and The Secret propagates feel happy to be happy and share happiness to feel happiness .

Very rightly said my a friend once , imagine yourself like a pot filled with happiness and the moment you reach the brim your happiness shall over flow . Can we contain that happiness then ? No ! So why not share it and be the reason someone smiles today !

It’s a journey from being selfish to self full and finally self less. It is that stage when I becomes “WE” and I becomes an instrument of happiness to the world .

Happiness and sunshine



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