Lego Land ,Malaysia


Lego Land is situated in Johor Bahru , a 5 hour drive or a 45 min flight from KL airport,Malaysia. The colourful hotel at Johor Bahru ca be spotted from a distance. The reception and waiting lobby at the hotel were covered with lego blocks. A large lego kingdom welcomed the kids. There were lego’s all around and kids were free to let their imaginations flow.

It was past 12 am when we crawled into our pirate theme room. The tired and sleepy kids,got into action the moment they saw the treasure chest,the lego monkey, spiders and butterflies in our room. No prizes for guess, the codes are cracked and the mystery box revealed lego goodies for both kids. The room was spacious with a master bed room and bunk beds for kids in the adjoining room. Filled with excitement we slept with a big smile.



Next morning the  kids woke up before the alarm sounded,got dressed ,finished breakfast (not many options for vegetarians) and headed  to explore the theme adventure park.The Technique roller coaster,driving school, boating club,ninjago ride,dragon ride and the 4D lego movie drenched us with fun. The star wars museum, the Egyptian mummies, lego miniland and the knowledge centre left us in awe. There is so much to this place which is beyond the capacity of my words. The make your own car and race was fun at the learning centre.The day was hot ,and these air-conditioned knowledge and creativity centers offered respite from the scorching heat.


The hotel too had activities planned for the kids near the dinning area where the not so exhausted kids could play more and more. The gift shop hosted all kids of lego products and buzzed with kids in it.

Next day we  explored  the water park.Dressed in swimsuits and  loads of sunscreen on our bodies. The wave pool, the water slides , the lazy pool where in we build our own lego raft all had a story to tell. The kids smile rejuvenated us to the core and we could not ask for more anyways. The lazy river was relaxing while the water slides offered unlimited fun to both kids and adults. Drenched in happiness we left the park with crippled fingers.

After a hearty lunch at Absolute Thai, we snoozed into bed for a quick power nap before we head out again to the premium outlets at Johur Bahru for some shopping and dinner.


Filled with a happy hearts we said bye to lego land and got onto our onward journey to KL.Stay tuned …

Happiness and sunshine 🙂



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