Cairns, Australia

Cairns is a land of adventure , of dreams and of experiences.The sight of Cairns from the sky itself relieved me off my  tiredness from a long day of travel.Vast water bodies and ample greens filled me with a desire to explore more. The Esplanade was hosting a flea market that evening,with children in the pool, people relaxing on the shores and giggles in the air. Cyclist rode past in swift motions, evening walkers walking in full swing,Children playing at the parks and the pets relaxing on the greens. The promenade offered some open air kitchen options too for families to enjoy a picnic under the setting sun.

The night market at Cairns offers jewellery to glass art ,sarong to hats and is flooded with souvenir shops. Filled with shoppers and tourist this place is not to be missed, best part is that its open every night and attracts huge crowds. The Devino Gelato offered the best mint ice cream I have ever had, while the churros at Ice Cloud were soft and warm.

3am the alarm sounds and we woke up with still sleepy eyes and head out to explore Cairns in a hot air balloon. It was fun to watch then bring the balloon to life and then lift it up in the air and the experience magical. Spotting kangaroos from a height was the highlight of the tour.

Afternoon was well spent at the  Kuranda rain forest, Cairns. The cable way ride was spectacular and comfortable. Supported by around 30 pillars this cableway transports you to a different world all together. With the forest so dense and water falls flowing , this is not to be missed. As you fill your lungs with the fresh cool air,you land into a small village of Kuranda situated across the forest. Being a tourist location this village hosts markets, a mini zoo and a few eateries.

Next we stopped at the Tjapukai centre to understand the beginning of Australia. The tribals danced, created fire, displayed various hunting techniques and even explained the medicinal plants in the forest. A light and dance show  hosted in the begining of the tour explained their origins. face and body painting was done to make us feel like them too.

Finally we were in day 2 at Cairns, time to explore the reef and experience it with naked eyes.Aboard the cruise we head out to the Great Barrier Reef .Snorkeling was something on my mind from a very long time and finally it was time to explore the underwater world of sea life and vegetation. The varied hues of the corals ,the large and small fishes,the chill of the water brushing my skin and my breath slow ans steady. It was like meditation, I could feel each breath of mine,my eyes soaking in the beauties of the sea looking for more and more.

Finally it was time to bid adieu to beautiful Cairns and head to another magical city called Sydney.

Stay tuned for more ,untill then happiness and sunshine 🙂



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  1. arv! says:

    Beautiful pictures Nidhi. Looks like there is so much to do. I loved the pictures of water and beach. And the ice cream is tempting too. Well before I forget, that’s a lovely picture of you two.

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    1. Thanks Arv for your kind words, wishing you happiness and sunshine in return. Cairns is a fun place and we indeed enjoyed our two days there to its fullest.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. arv! says:

        Thanks Nidhi. It’s a pleasure to read your post. 👍😊

        Liked by 1 person

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