Now that you are reading this (I assume) you are aware of our holiday in Shimla around new year’s. Well, upon returning I was busy unpacking and then packing up all the winter wear to keep in the loft, why? It’s still winter month, but hold on there is no real winter in south of India. “Mom it’s so sad that we will not need these winter wears anymore this year” sighed Anaya.

“So what?” shouted Sparsh , “we can soon resume swimming and have ice creams and cold coffee. “he said in full excitement.

“Look at the purple jacarandas blooming so beautifully” exclaimed Anaya point out of my window. Until this time, I was a listener to their conversations, but the jacarandas caught my attention and got me thinking. As if the lavender sky had something to say.

That evening before bedtime we spoke of seasons. Seasons represent change, very season blooms in all its glory and then loses its charm to the one following. Some seasons leave bitter memories whereas some fills our hearts with joy. Alike human emotions they change. They don’t remain static to comfort the needs of a few. And do we challenge seasons? No, It’s beyond human capabilities. So why do we want to change others as per our likings? Why can we not accept and embrace each other with 100 % originality? Change yourself and not others.


Thinking more on seasons, I realise there are so many similarities between humans and seasons. Just like you and I are made up of 5 senses, there are 5 elements namely fire, water, metal, earth and wood that make the seasons. How?


Spring and wood: This season marks the birth for seasons. This is the energy that brings forth new growth, that pushes the new grass through the snow, the new branches out from old wood, produces new leaves. It does this so nature can take in the nourishment it needs to flourish. Without this everything would wither and die out. It is the season for new hopes to thrive and optimism prevails. It also warms you for the sweaty summer months, time to have vision and make plans.

seasons 2

Summer and fire: After Spring we move into the active time of Summer.  This is the energy of Fire, the time of activity, warmth, movement, growth and relationship. Fire is our ability to have relationship, to feel safe, to feel in control, to be intimate, to have fun, to laugh and be excited. This season is closely connected to the heart.


Late summer and earth: Late Summer is time of harvest, a time of plenty, of reaping what we have worked for throughout the year. It’s the shortest season, it’s like pausing between the fierce nature of fire and the coldness of metal. It is the season of stability.


Autumn and metal: Autumn is the energy of Metal, the time when nature rids itself of what is not needed, when nature sheds its leaves and let’s go of the rubbish it no longer needs. It is about our ability to let go of what is not needed from our body, mind, spirit and emotions. Metal is about our own purity, our spiritual essence, our ability to have connection with the supreme. Metal helps us understand that we are more than the ‘day to day’ of life, that we are connected to ‘all that is’ and in that it is the source of our real self-esteem.

season 8

Winter and water: Winter is the energy of the element Water, the time of rest and hibernation. This is a quieter, more reflective time of year, a time when it is easy to sleep in, stay at home. Water is about our ability to flow and to overcome obstacles.

Now you may ask how are these related to me? Well think closely, proven by Chinese medicine Qi, Spring is connected to the organs of judgement namely gall bladder and liver, whereas summer rests in the heart the activity centre of the body. Late summer relates with the distributor of energy namely the spleen and Autumn is closely connected with the lungs, expelling all that is not required. Winter on the other hand is connected to your water organ the kidneys.


Just like we have a life cycle ranging from birth to death, seasons follow suit. Spring represents birth, summer and late summer cater to young ones to adulthood followed by an autumn of old age and eventually dying in winter.

And because of these elements our moods, emotions, behaviours are closely related to the season we are in. Our organs take charge respectively thus controlling our bodies and emotions. Ever wondered why we are happiest during spring, active during summer, relax in late summer, think in autumn and stay indoors and hibernate during winter?

season 11

Even our eating patterns change as per the changing seasons. Springs calls for eating light and healthy and focuses on detoxification. Summer on the other hand suggests at eating spicy with hint of ginger and meats too because the body needs energy to carry out physical activities associated with summer. Late summer is conscious eating and maintaining sugar balance, mindful eating is emphasised here. Autumn is about eating root vegetables and preparing for the cold winters. Whereas winter calls for hearty warm soups or steaming cups of ginger cinnamon teas.

season 6

Apart from these what I like most about seasons is their simplicity. All we need is an eye to appreciate its beauty and be grateful to it. Seasons attribute to our psychological development helping us understand life and ourselves better. Every change of season changes your wardrobe too thus giving you more shopping opportunities. Seasonal trend change from season to season and from year to year. Not to forget the seasonal discounts many offer.

season 13

Ever entered a party or find yourselves unable to talk? Simple, comment on the weather or the season you are in! how? Did you see the blooms outside your window? Have you enrolled for any special class this summer? This year the autumn passed by quickly, did not get time to enjoy the fall. Or what plans for winter holidays? Often the news reporters begin with a mention on the weather report, even the pilot gives a weather update before landing.  Season talks can serve as ice breakers and conversation starters garnishing our personalities.

Do you still think like teenagers in your late thirties? No, not anymore! This is because we have evolved in the way we think over time, similarly seasons evolve and change over time. To change is natural. Even your body does not resemble to how you looked 15 years back. The skin looks mature, the fat piles up and takes shape and the hair-line recedes and maybe you wear glasses on your nose now.

season 14

Seasons influence the entertainment industry too. Master chef Australia has hosted many seasons of its classical chef show along with many others Game of thrones, Crown and friends to name a few. The film industry canvases seasons in a theatrical way too. Songs, plots, moods and dialogues change as per seasons. Poetry is another way of expressing seasons. Even children in school are taught about seasons and are made to write on them. There are so many seasonal diseases which we hear of these days, hence the need for various medicines curing them. Even holidays are planned as per seasons and weather forecast checked. Who would want to go to a rainy place for vacations and stay bounded indoors? Seasons give us reasons to spent time with family too and nurtures bonds.

Seasons touch everyone,all you need to do is be attentive and enjoy it to its fullest.

Seasons greeting to you !

Happiness and sunshine


P.S: Do let me know about your favourite season and the storiers around it.


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