Adelaide, Australia

Oh my heart warms up as I think about this fairy land. A place where dreams come true and magic fills the air, happiness and colour all the way. The Mayfair hotel was in the heart of the city diagonally opposite to the famous Haigh’s chocolate shop. After treating ourselves on some delicious treats and in house wine we stepped out to explore the city at night on foot.

adelaide 1
Haigh’s Chocolate shop

Next morning, we were fortunate to witness the Adelaide Christmas parade, we stepped out of the hotel to be transported to a magical world. The streets filled with glee, children drawing with colourful crayons on the streets. Policeman distributing caps. both side of the street lined up by families, old and young. Picnic mats, food baskets treat and coffee. Meet and greet filled the air blessing the morning with happiness and sunshine. The parade so colourful and the crowd so cheerful.

Enjoying the chalk coloured streets and happiness around

Onions, potatoes, wheat and barley are staple in Adelaide. Almonds and strawberries are grown in abundance too. Purple is the colour of spring and we were fortunate to view beautiful purple jacaranda blooms all the way to Barossa valley. Situated 1 hour away from Adelaide Barossa valley gave us sights to remember. Beautiful vineyards adorned the slopes garnishing the area with its freshness. Our first stop was at The Seppeltsfield winery which uses gravity to enable production of wines, followed by another one called Wolf Blass.

We were fortunate enough to meet  leather,jewellery and glass ware artists  and their respective exhibitions at the Seppeltsfield winery. Did you know rose bushes are planted along side these winyards? It is said that if infected ,the roses will die out first signalling the planters of risk to their grapes. Besides they look spectacular.


High on wine and happy on the delicious warm food at the Farm of Maggie Beer fame, we made way to the small German town called Hahndorf close to the valley. This German village offered the best of German beer and ice creams along with German originated products.

Photo 18-11-17, 10 43 54 AM
Tasting German Beer under the sun

Beautiful county side lined with small cottage style homes with rose gardens at the porch adorned the valley. Lutheran churches could be seen too in the community style living there. The Barossa Valley Cheese Company is a multi-award winning manufacturer of artisan cheeses in the valley. With the softness of the cheese and the home grown sparkling rose wine tantalising on our taste buds we left Barossa valley high(literally) on happiness.

Evening in Adelaide was on foot. Spotted some famous eateries and names on the high street. The essence of Christmas, the warmth around and a perfect nip in the air made our stay in Adelaide beyond comfortable.


For more details please follow description at the end of each picture.

Stay tuned for the next travel update on Cairns.Hope you enjoyed Adelaide the way we did.

Happiness and sunshine:)


Disclamer : Some pictures have been sourced by the internet the rest have been captured by us.


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  1. Archit says:

    Thats truly awesome !!! I love the most the chalk street..Happiness street !

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    1. Oh how I loved being on the street that morning , those happy faces , bright colours and loud giggles is still fresh in my mind 🍭


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