Kites and us…

It was winter carnival at school today which included a kite flying session post lunch. Kids came back home today bursting with energy, vibrant and happy. Both Sparsh and Anaya could not wait for their turn to speak, instead both threw words at me together. I could barely make sense since they were over lapping sentences prompted with random giggles and hand movements.

Once the giggles settled and stories ended, I asked them “Why do you think kite flying was allowed in school today?”

“Mummy, we were celebrating Makkar Sankranti today, it’s a kite flying festival “said Anaya at once.

“Sure it is, but it’s also a festival of harvest celebrated every year on the 14th of Jan, it marks the end of the cold and dark winter and beginning of warm sunny days.It brings happiness and connects families. Sweets such as til paddi, gajak, rewri made of sesame seeds and jaggery is also popular. Then why did the school not distribute these sweets in school but focus on kite flying?”  I asked.

To this they became thoughtful, I gave then 10 minutes each to rethink and come up with reasons worthy for a discussion. At the end we mutually agreed on the points mentioned below.

  • Kites come in various shapes, sizes, colours and patterns yet they all fly harmoniously in the blue sky. It gives valuable lessons to mankind to forget differences and live in peace, accepting and acknowledging each other ignoring the barriers of caste, creed and colour. Diversification is the essence of existence.
kite 2
Kites come in various shapes and sizes.
  • Kite making teaches colour coordination, maths and measurements and basic physics related to air, speed and aerodynamics. “An essay written on kites would impart knowledge on kites and also improve your writing skills “, I told to Sparsh. to which he nodded but said nothing.
Kite making fosters measurement skills.
  • Have you ever seen a person flying a kite alone? No, it’s a group activity. Hence it encourages friendship and team work. “yes, one flies, and the other holds the reel”, added Sparsh.
Many active kids with kite
Kite flying builds team work and friendship thrives
  • How do kites fly? They fly against the wind. Though the turbulence in the air forces the kite to lose track and move here and there, the kite still manages to manoeuvre itself using aerodynamic skills. Similarly, life throws difficult circumstances at us, all we need to do is not loose hope and stay focused on reaching new heights. Always soar for the sky and never give up.
The reels keep the kites connected.
  • Can a kite just keep flying on its own? No its always connected to the thread which can be pulled back anytime. Just like the pulling thread it teaches us to stay grounded and stick to your morals and values. We may achieve greater heights in life but never forget the origins. The reel symbolizes family and winder the values. It reminds us to stay connected to our families and loved ones. “Kite is family” concluded Anaya.


  • Do you know why there is a tail attached to a kite? A kite flies high while the tail swirls behind. The kite tail gives us the message to always leave tracks of lessons We follow the footsteps or tracks laid down by our leaders and find inspiration to soar high in life. “Now I know why we were asked to read about leaders in our non-fiction assignment” added Sparsh. The tail also helps in flying. “like aeroplanes?” added Anaya .
The aerodynamics of a kite
  • What do you do when the kite does not take off? First try to adjust the balances? Isn’t it? A kite is as good as the balance & symmetry it maintains. No matter how beautiful the kite is, if you fail to balance the fitting spars or the string, it won’t fly well enough. We live in a mutually interdependent lifestyle and life is all about balance. If we ignore the needs and demands of people around us and our society, it is sure we would bang harsh on ground. When things do not turn out the way you wish it to, try setting the balances right. Life is all about balance.


  • Just life we fail in life tests sometimes and crush under circumstances, kites get cut too. And it’s OK to accept failure but never give up on trying again. failures make one perfect. Failures are guiding stones to higher success.
Symmetry in kites.
  • “Mummy but birds also die or get hurt due to kite strings, so is it bad”? asked Sparsh. This made me think. Only if we fly carefully and avoid hurting birds it is not bad. We should not deliberately hurt them. It’s like hurting others with your actions and words. Be kind and humble towards each other. It fosters EQ too.


  • How do they rescue kites when they get stuck in trees or passing electric wires? He asked again. Not that I know all about kite flying, I googled too. Well they loosen the string else the tension on the string with break the connect. So true, we need to de stress too to remain sane in this super active and busy world. Right?


  • Just like life spoils us for choice, making a kite yourself or buying a ready-made one is upon you to decide. What we need to remember is to choose prudently. So wear your thinking caps and pick wisely.

End of this I had no energy to talk anymore. Sparsh went out to cycle and Anaya got busy with some activity and me, well I made myself a cup of green tea, straightened by legs, let my hair loose and closed my eyes and enjoyed silence.

My 20 minute of calm was broken by a sudden door bell, just like an alarm, reminding me to prepare for dinner.

Catch you next time, until then Happy Makkar Sankranti.

Happiness and sunshine 🙂


P.S:  We tried our hands on a DIY kite project too.




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  1. Bhavana says:

    Happy Sankranti & nice write up

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Happy Sankranthi to you too 🙂 thank you for reading and commenting 🙂


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