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Those of you who follow my blogs and have read my previous blog on Toys will know what I am trying to talk about in this one.

When we gave toys to the kids they were thankful, but not grateful.

Thank you and gratitude are two terms which are closely liked and hence need to be closely understood. Let’s look at it like this,

When I asked kids when they say thank you I got these various answers:

  1. When somebody opens the door for us
  2. When you give me a glass of water
  3. When you pack our bags
  4. When we get gifts
  5. When we receive birthday wishes, etc.

Notice, thank you is said to most and unknowingly to many. Just like we say Hi or hello when we meet, we tend to thank others for almost everything. Do we really mean anything when we say thank you to the person (say) opening the door for us? Not really, we forget it the moment that person is out of sight. Do we cautiously hold the door open for someone, thinking about that person and his act of kindness?

Please don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that we should not thank, but what I am trying to say is that be aware of the thank you’s you give. Saying thank you is good manners, but being grateful is a mind-set and a lifestyle. It’s an emotion, a feeling that you truly and knowingly acknowledge their act of kindness towards you.  Can we thank our parents enough for raising us? NO, we can just be grateful to them.

gratitude 2

Being grateful is a step ahead to being thankful. But yes to be able to be grateful one needs to be thankful first. Being grateful is healthy (in Pranic world we say , it generates good karma), it helps in improving relations, it teaches us to count our blessings and makes us reciprocative. As a practice my children count on their blessings (3) for the day before they retire to bed.

gratitude 3

Yesterday I told my kids how grateful I was to them for having them in my life. To my amazement Sparsh said “Yes mom, we should be grateful for the food we eat, there are so many children who die out of hunger”.  “For the clothes we wear and for the house we live, so many people don’t even have these” added Anaya.  To which I slyly added “You should study well and be grateful to your teachers too”. They mutually decided to follow a no waste policy after this.

After keeping quiet for a while Sparsh sighed “Now I know why you said that you won’t buy any more toys” exactly, be grateful for what you have and relish them (refer to toys to know more).

gratitude 1

Being grateful encourages lateral thinking, helps in developing the EQ. Makes us non-judgmental and more accepting. It showers empathy and fosters personality development. Sending thank you notes is one of the ways we can instill this in us and our children. Encourage them to participate in social events rendering help to the needy. Remember Help Age India? we have all collected funds for them in our school days. Right? grateful people have high levels of happiness and know how to combat stress effectively. Getting children to donate for the needy is another great way of instilling gratitude in them.



It’s human nature to see the glass half-empty from time to time — and children are no exception. When kids complain, it can be helpful to try to find a response that looks on the bright(er) side. It’s called “attitude of gratitude” for a reason — it’s about perspective more than circumstance. Sometimes it’s tempting to wallow lingeringly in self-pity. But as parents we need to remember that it’s more productive to teach our kids to be resilient and refocus them on the positives they may be overlooking.


Being grateful to yourself, to your mind, body and soul is extremely important because if you were not you, you would not be in a position to read this. Be grateful to the divine for empowering you with your senses which enable every act of yours.

“Gratitude can transform common days to thanksgiving, turn routine jobs into joy and change ordinary opportunities into blessings “ – William  Arthur


Last but not the least, practice gratitude in your own life and see the world change for you. As a Pranic healer, I am practicing 31 days gratitude meditation starting this December 1st and each day I share my experience with my kids before tucking them to bed.



Please do not hesitate to point out to me if I have missed a point you think is worth mentioning. Do share it in the comments and make this n enriching experience.


Happiness and sunshine 🙂



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