Connect the dots is a form of a puzzle containing a sequence of numbered dots. You , me we have all played this sometime in our lives. I revisited this last week with a 4 year old. Drawing lines had never been so difficult. It took me an hour to connect each dot. Each time the child held the pencil,he began with a new set of questions. Unsure of what we were doing ,he kept asking questions, staring at me for answers. Half way through he requested for a story followed by nature calls and meal times. After much coaxing we managed to complete the picture and he exclaimed in excitement ” It’s a flower” . “Can I colour it”,he asked in crooked english. “Ofcourse I said”, and this time he coloured it all by himself.

He was smiling . He was content and was enjoying his accomplishment.His big eyes grew bigger with excitement, his cheeks red with happiness.He kept looking at me in between checking whether I was looking at him or not. My eyes met with his and I saw something in his eyes which no mirror could show me.

It was time to revisit my dots and connect them adding value to my picture of life . I am happiest when I wear my creative hat on . Play with my pliers , twist and turn wires , add a mix of delightful beads and garnish my creations with hand forged findings .

I am happy when I can relieve  an aching heart , a paining body and a suffering mind. Healing has bought me closer to myself , I am learning to hear my own voice and connect dots randomly floating in my mind making sense out of life .

Weekend,found myself at a bistro trying my hand at painting clay Buddha too. Accompanied with kids painting their own mugs , munching on fries and a cold frappe with some music and constant chatter of the kids. Admits all noise , I could find my calm. Happiness relived .

Happiness is a choice , and I am glad to make the right choices. Each of these activities are my dots which I try to reach admist busy schedules. I am glad that atleast I reached out for the pencil and drew some connects. Shall keep connecting and some day will complete my picture too.

Until then , happiness and sunshine to you and your family šŸ™‚ 


P.S: Pray that I connect my dots super quick 


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