Every time I sit with the home assignments with my kids, it starts with sharpening the pencil, or hunting for a pencil better still fighting over a pencil. I don’t understand why they cannot keep their pencils sharped before-hand in their pen stands. The moment Anaya begins to write, each time I have to remind her to hold her pencil right. Sparsh keeps fidgeting with his pencil and many times it drops and requires re sharpening before the beginning of work. I myself use the pencil to tap them when I see them wandering in dreams amidst their work.

Just like eco Ganesha, herb or seed pencils have gained popularity this year. Here the pencil is made of recycled material and has a seed in it. Once it has served its purpose as a pencil, it needs to be planted in mud. In due course of time the seed sprouts giving way to fresh young leaves and a new plant comes live.

Obviously this sounds interesting and worth trying. This also called for an open discussion on pencils with kids. And here is what we gather:

A pencil sacrifices its own life to make us worth living. Teaches us the value of sacrifice and being self-less.” A pencil shortens to help us grow”, adds Sparsh

short yellow pencil shot over white. shallow dof with focus on tip.

Just like sharpening makes a better pencil, life sharpens us to teach valuable lessons. Situations sharpen our minds and prepare us for life. “We can use pencil shavings in our craft activities too”, says Anaya. (Fundamentals of recycling)


A pencil always leaves its mark. Our actions and our words leave marks too by affecting us and others by our doings. It helps in building EQ. (Somethings are better taught at home).

Pencils have various sizes, colour and grades. Some are happy (colour pencils) and some sad (boring looking ones) but what matters is what they are made of. The strong mineral graphite inside a wooden cylindrical case. Some people are soft some harsh, but what counts is their attitude, values and traditions. A pencil educates us on diversity. We are all different yet together.


“Pencil marks are the product of the mind”, adds Sparsh in all excitement. It helps us put our thoughts on paper. Written or in form of art or even scribbles, pencils express our minds. Its speech for the speech impaired. For people who cannot speak, can speak their minds using a pencil.

Pencils are made of wood which is a natural resource, so we should use it prudently. “We should not waste pencils mom, “says Anaya. “We should not break them for fun and throw them here and there”, She adds

sace pena

Pencil marks can be erased. It teaches us to rectify our mistakes. “Yes mom, we can press edit/cut on the computer too when we make mistakes, here we use erasers to erase the wrong and re write the correct”, shouts Sparsh. We have the ability to correct any mistake we might have made.

Mamma, we can use pencils to measure the length of objects too like a ruler, says Anaya. “See I just measured my book it’s two times my pencil. “She adds.

pencil 3

Pencils need to be held properly and in able hands to carve the future, similarly we need mentors who guide us through life.

“Mom see a pencil skirt”, screams Anaya as she points at a picture in her book. Yes, this term signifies body/clothing type too.

A Humble pencil can give us so many thoughts to ponder on. Apart from these, pencil help in building motor skills, improves hand eye coordination and plays a predominant role in our lives. The lines, curves,waves zig –zags we drew as kids have made us what we are capable of today. All thanks to the humble pencil. So next time you hold a pencil , hold it with immense pride.

Happiness and sunshine 🙂



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  1. vimal kedia says:

    It’s a wo.derfull thought we’ll described and reality of life

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  2. Manasi chowdhary says:

    Wonderful article, amazing thoughts. Learnt something new here. Thank you so much.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are welcome do
      Let me know if I have missed on something 🙂


  3. Sukanya says:

    Well said Nidhi that the pencil has given us many more thoughts to ponder over… Beautifully written as usual..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a ton my dear 🙂


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