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Sharing some do’s we hear during  Navratri (an annual Hindu festival celebrated over  nine days commemorates the slaying of demons by Rama and the goddess Durga.)

  1. Eat only saatvik food once a day. This helps in maintaining balance between the mind and the body. It keeps the body cool and enables to think positively.
  2. Light lamps in front of God. To greet and welcome the God.
  3. Do not cut your hair or nails during these nine days. So that one does not waste time and stays connected with the lord

Well this is what the internet says. This is often the explanations given by the older generation to the younger ones.But come to think of it , what is more important ,what you put inside your mouth or what comes out of your mouth? If staying hungry makes you angry,then fasting is not for you. Instead of slaying the demon in you, if you slay others with your bitter and pungent words,then fasting is not for you. If you loose temper and act funny ,then fasting is not for you. Instead please eat well and stay calm and happy.

We welcome the God , light lamps ,offer prasad (a devotional offering made to God) sing songs in her honour but still live in a world of darkness. Newspapers today are filled with abuse ,assault and violence. We treat guests in the most sophisticated manner ,but never fail to insult our helpers. We need to ignite lamps of knowledge shunning away the darkness of ignorance, mis-trust, jealousy and hatred.

Give time to the lord by not wasting time on yourself ,but what about the endless gossips we cultivate? What about our materialistic attractions and selfishness? Where we are concerned  only about gains loosing on values and morals.Where we have forgotten to laugh.

durga 1

To me Durga is something else.I abide to what I have said by giving time to live, love and laugh. Why we cannot live like this kettle , so full of love that it overflows spreading and sharing happiness, joy,good health,peace and spirituality with every one.

happiness and sunshine


Disclaimer: I do not  have any grudge against any Do’s or Dont’s neither do I intend to hurt feelings of anybody . This is just my point of view. Agree or disagree is entirely your choice.



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  1. Rajiv Narula says:

    Totally agreed Nidhi.. rituals should not be for the sake of rituals without understanding the inherent meaning behind them… very beautifully written after a great contemplation… so grateful to have read this…Jai Maa.. Jai Shree Raam…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a truth my friend . Hate to admit but yes .


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