What’s Cooking?

Kids rush back home after evening play and race to the kitchen, “Mom, what’s cooking?” They ask in union. Stomp their feet, make faces, frown and leave after getting an answer “I don’t want to eat this “complains Sparsh, “Me neither “, agrees Anaya.

This is not just a story in my house. I am sure all of you go through this. But what scares me is the attitude towards food which children have. Do they really care about food? The moment you ask them to study, they say “I am hungry “and then what do you do? Give them food and wait for ever for them to finish, soon to realise there is no time left to study.

“We get more choices in school “, they say. Well yes, but this is home. One meal for everyone .And even if you cook them something different, there is no guarantee that their plates will be polished off. Then comes another blow, “Ok, we will eat, only if you allow TV during food time”. What? This is pure blackmail; you and I often fall into this trap. Right?

Why not let them decide the menu? I list down 10 dinner options and ask them to pick and choose and make a menu chart for the week. But this resulted in a fight because they would not agree on most of the options and wanted more junk .Now this was not acceptable to me.

So the meal time issues still remained open. Anaya came running to me with some ingredient requirements for her cooking club classes next day at school. One lemon and 5 mint leaves for lemonade one day. Some puffed rice for bhel puri another day and a slice of cheese and apple on another occasion. ”It’s so yummy , I feel like eating more “ she said in all excitement. The school involves children to make a snack and eat it to in their fireless cooking classes.

This sparks an idea and I have now decided to play master chef at home. Not every day, but once a week on weekends or holidays. Now I am not good at this, but trying to figure out options involving cooking with kids. Will search on the internet for some recipes and begin this cook play from this Saturday.

Please help me with suggestions on this, and I promise to keep you posted on this.

Wish me luck !

Happiness and sunshine 🙂







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    First ask them to make their own menu for the week and then ask them to check on the health quotient. Make them a drawing of a plate with proteins vegetables fruits and grains. Let them write all the different things they know in those categories. Ask them to now plan their meals with all those items in them. And come up with their own combos. I feel it should work. Trust me this task of cooking for them after school and feeding their hunger pangs never stops….but yes it’s always a privilege to cook for your kids. Enjoy it 🙂

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    1. Loving this . Will replicate with them . Thanks a bunch ! Once a week I intent to cook with them . Rest of the days they can decide on the menu .
      Thanks a bunch 🙂
      Will keep you posted on progress 🙂


  2. Tulika saraogi says:

    Di.. u can make a food pyramid chart and then ask them to choose the days meal plan based on – u must eat so many ingredients from this level and so on… this will help them realise and recognise what’s healthy and needs to be included in d diet… and if they follow the diet , v can reward them with a junk meal on sundays.. that’s fair for both parties..and keeps both happy!

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    1. Sounds interesting , will surely try . Thanks a bunch dear 🙂


  3. Ambica says:

    Definitely cooking with kids is a very nice way of spending time with them as well as instilling good eating habits !!! Shall share a very simple eggless sponge cake recipe which kids will love baking and eating 😋

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    1. That will be great Bhabhi 🙂 pls do share


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