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“OMG,How can you ask your child to make his room or do his dishes ?”asked A to B.  “That’s child labour.” added C. “Why are you making them work? Does it not kill their innocence?”, commented D.

Think , are you A , B, C or D? or are you  like me ? Curious ? Just keep reading ..

Well I make my children fold their laundry, organise their closet , clean their study and many more.They even help me in the kitchen by way of fire less cooking. It solves us many purposes. How ? Read on..

1) They learn life skills. Who knows where they will be years later. We want them to stand on their feet right . Let them be self dependent.

2) Teaches them not to discriminate work. No work is deemed as mom’s or labeled for dad’s. This makes them better partners and better spouses.Every work is for everyone.

3) Organize themselves better making them responsible for their actions. Self management becomes handy when they have to struggle to manage time. Checking in their school routine , keeping the uniform ready and polished shoes gives them those precious 5 mins of extra sleep (did you just sighed).

household 5

4)Time to talk.Chatting on “out of the box” topics while working together improves family bonding. Who does not like to  Share a joke and  laugh a little. Sibling bond blooms and brings a smile.

5) Work done peacefully which would otherwise be chaos. Divide the work to multiply happiness .

househod 3

6) Work becomes play and earns rewards for its doer. A good treat , a special cake or a favourite movie outing.

household 4

7) Helps in developing  EQ. This is not taught at school , these lessons begin from home .

8) Every work is respected  along with its doer. Imagine a day with no towel in the shower , no socks in the drawer or no milk in the fridge .

9) Kids learn to manage without you , and this surely gives you some me/our times with spouse calling  for a special date night.

10) And if you think I am kidding , why don’t you try involving your kids in your daily activities( age appropriate ) and multiply your happiness manifold.You will find age appropriate printable in abundance on the internet.Just print one and get going ….


Still have questions ? Will you still call it child labour? “We reap what we sow”.

High time we sowed some good habits in our children.

Happiness and sunshine 🙂


P.S  : Now that you have read till here, please feel free to highlight other advantages as well , in case I have missed. It will be a learning for all reading this.




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  1. Manasi chowdhary says:

    Had started doing this through points but could not continue because he said with each 50 points I get a gift and this is not what I had planned..fights started happening…

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    1. Hay Mansi , don’t give points easily , instead of points you could try with a jar of beans . Every bean is a point . Also explain that gifts are possible once you reach a certain amount not for only 50 .
      I know it’s easy said than done , but ya it works . Just don’t give up . Be consistent and the benefits will follow 🙂 all the best


  2. Really well thought of nidhi. Small things really contribute to a child’s thought perception behaviour. You are actually moulding their little minds to become responsible adults who take ownership for their actions and behaviour . Its always weird when parents expects kids to do things they themselves don’t follow. Like i have seen ppl tell their kids don’t throw things and keep the place tidy and throw plastic wrapper on the road or say don’t tell lies and next moment hear the mother or father make an excuse to not turn up some place by lying . So the kid learns its ok to do these things as long as someone doesn’t see or know or Can be blamed on someone else . You are actually demonstrating by action which is really required and awesome.

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    1. wordpress does not allow to love a comment , simply love your thought.
      I truly believe kids follow action and unless we demonstrate high standards and raise the bar , we cannot except them to do even a teeny tiny bit.
      I involve my kids in every chore and it has really helped us grow.


  3. Christy B says:

    They learn responsibility, which is so important!

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    1. Absolutely 100 % . Life skills taught while having fun added with responsibility .

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