As a home assignment Anaya (my 6yr old) was asked to interview her grand parents about their childhood. How they celebrated birthdays? How they lived? Where they lived. Where would they go on family vacations . What games did they play ? How many siblings they had? Did they have any aspirations then ? Goals ? What childhood memories do they treasure ? Did they click pictures back then and many more.

While she was getting talking to them,she was not serious. She kept fooling around in between. For her their answers did not mean much. But to me,there was a lot to learn. Backgrounds however humble, can create masterpieces.

I explained her the contrast between the upbringings, the thought process and the society. How people 50 yrs back were simple yet honest. When siblings helped each other and never fought. When less was more and more was never dreamt of. When there were real conversations,families played.Birthdays were simple yet blessed. Vacations were none but happiness was abundant.When work was manifold but not stressed.When aspirations were simple yet dreams were big.When there were no gadgets but people were connected.When a black and white family picture could spread more colours than a rainbow. Such was their time.

And today , everything is reversed. We are spoilt for choices.Birthdays are themed,siblings fight , families are separated.Whats app chats are more,vacations are plenty, yet life is stressed.We lack time for one another forget about treasuring memories.And a coloured family picture is often colourless from inside.

At the end of the discussion she was able to comprehend the told and understood the contrast between the two time frames. While I was putting her to bed she said “No birthdays, no gifts , no parties , no cake and only praying to God. It must be so boring!”

Well, yes times are changing and we need to evolve with time, but my question is, at what cost? I am glad that the schools today are introducing such innovative and inspiring ways of educating values to the children of today.

happiness and sunshine 🙂


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  1. Ambica says:

    Times are changing rapidly and letting our children know what life there grand parents and parents have lived is so interesting And also thought provoking .

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    1. Absolutely Bhabhi 🙂 it reinvokes kindness and humbleness . Also they learn that they cannot take them for granted .


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