Head phones 

Head phones , ear phones , headset whatever you call them , they all serve the same purpose , brings you closer to sound and lets you experience the magic of mechanical waves and the vibrations they produce.

I was at Kuala Lumpur airport waiting for my flight to Johor Bahru, and I saw each and every soul glued to their screens with a ear phone plugged in the ear. Some swayed their heads suggesting their interest in music, while the others were busy communicating catching up with work. 

 A mother instructing her kids on rest room etiquettes at the top of her voice ,why ? Obviously because of the ear phones she was wearing , she could not hear her own noise. A Father ordering at Mary brown ,and asking his child for his choice, who ignored him as if he never existed. The frustrated father then lifts his hair to pull out the ear phones and proceed with his order. The flight attendants shaking a man on the couch , requesting him to proceed towards boarding , he had obviously missed the final call .
While I am still trying to understand this ear phone business, I see my bunnies sharing earphones and listening to a song on the iPod. I decide to communicate with them in signs and signal them to finish their donuts before we get into our next flight .

While a ear phone gives us the liberty to listen what we want to listen it sometimes keeps us from hearing the important. What we need to master is to hear the noise and filter it’s application. We all have a filter on our ear drums which allows selective frequencies into our ear and discards the noise. We listen to want we intend to and discard the heard.

For instance we hear the church bell ring , or the neighbour’s dog bark. These are sounds we don’t intend to listen to. While on the other hand listening to a piece of advice is active listening. Hearing is effortless while listening is with effort. 
It’s better to listened to that to be simply heard. 

Happiness and sunshine 🙂 

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  1. Rajiv Narula says:

    Beautiful as always. We are forgetting how to listen. I want to attach an image but can’t. I’ll do on Facebook 🙂


    1. Thanks Rajiv . Yes do share it on FB !


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