What do you do when your child refuses to greet and meet people at party? I have often seen mothers forcing their child to say “hello” and then boast about their social skills. They don’t mind bribing the child for a candy , making sure they speak. 

But how many of us understand the reason behind this refusal? Some call them shy some timid, some  reserved  or non social kids. But a recent encounter with a pair of sisters aged (10 and 8)changed  my perception for good.

Again at the passport office while I was waiting my turn along with fellow citizens , I initiated to converse with these two sisters. The older one answered my questions with ease while the younger one kept on looking at her sister before she returned to answer me. This may seem normal to many but left me with a food of thought . 

Don’t talk to strangers ! Don’t accept gifts from strangers! Don’t we all teach these rules of safety to our children from the time they enter Pre school. Then why do we get embarrassed when  our children chide away. Instead of scolding them and rolling out eyes , just bent down look at them in their eye and assure them that it’s safe to talk . They only want your permission , they look up to you for approval ,for a stranger to them may not be a stranger to you. Scolding and forcing them creates a conflict of doubt in them, wherein they begin to question their own judgement.

Just like us , children also take time to mingle, respect this fact and thank your stars that you have taught them well. Later that night , I told Anaya about the two sisters and how they spoke with me . To my surprise she said “Mumma,did you know their parents?” NO, I said . “Then why did you speak with strangers ? bad habit” she replied .

I silently thanked my stars and kissed her good night .

Happiness and sunshine 🙂


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  1. Rajiv Narula says:

    Another excellent piece. Thanks for sharing. Also, kids can mostly sense good and bad much better than us. In a research done in Bombay, it was found that if you were new and had to ask, say the bus number to go to destination, you would just not ask any person randomly. Even if there were 100 people at the bus stop, you may not talk to just the first one, but your eyes, senses, body, mind scan the people and you ask someone whom you feel comfortable talking. This sense is much stronger in kids. 🙂

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    1. Yes in truly believe that children have a very powerful 6th sense which guides and protects them . Thanks Rajiv:)


  2. Ilze says:

    Good one! I never forced my kids to talk if they don’t want to. Also “don’t talk to strangers” or “don’t take anything from strangers” is something I’m teaching to my girls too. I’m responsible.

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    1. Thanks Ilze , I do believe children have a strong 6th sense which guides them throughout life .


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