Caught you , just like Mr the Stephens above you are found guilty of reading, yes READING! Now you may say, “What a silly thing to say, You write so I have read, what’s wrong in that?”

Well what I want to share today I beyond this, but very well related to reading.

We all read, our morning begins with reading the newspaper followed by juggling between emails the entire day and calling the day off with a book at night. Sounds good? Yes of course! But my question to you is how much do you retain from your reads? The key is not to read more but to read better. It is important to read books, but it’s more important to remember your read and put it into good use thereby making it more productive.

How many of you make notes of your reads? Fiction or nonfiction every article or book you read has an underlying message, it’s like the morale of the story often referred in bed time stories to children. My Grandfather used to cut newspaper clippings and file them for future reference, today you take a snap shot and save it in your phone which mostly gets lost in your gallery.

You start reading, anything a book, a blog, an article, get intruded by the words, some may even touch your cords and force you to think beyond. You keep reading. You finish the book. Take a large breath in and keep the book down with a sigh, never to be seen again. The book resides in your shelf, and the thoughts die out in your mind after a couple of minutes or stays with you for a couple of days and eventually fades out.

What happens to your read? What was the purpose of your read? Does this not get lost, it specially holds true for books on self-improvement, where a thought is triggered only to die out in a short while.
My question to you is “How do you make your read count?” Today I want to share somethings which I follow to make them count.

Keep a pen and paper handy. Write down why you choose to read what you just read.

Point down take away from your reads and has it answered the above question?

Relate them with real life incidents to remember them more appropriately.

Summarise the book in three sentences.

• Store these in a way which is reachable and searchable to you, for reference.

You make want to keep these in a diary or save it in your laptop. The choice is yours, but the purpose remains the same. Hope I have made my write more readable and searchable.

Happiness and sunshine 🙂



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  1. Jerry Peri says:

    Yes, you sure did!

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