As adults we are often taught to hide our emotions from our children. Sad or angry , we always face our children with a smile on our lips. Remember your mother drying up her tears before she attended you?


My question is why don’t we share our emotions with our kids? Why don’t we express happiness on buying a new house ? Or regret having fought over trivial things with your partner. Why don’t we tell them what’s upsetting to us versus to what brings calm to the mind? And to top in all, we expect our little ones to act as per our moods. If they are not told about emotions and explained on how to handle them correctly, how will they give you space at ease , or accompany you to the super market offering help. And if they do not react the way you want , you blame them ,Right!  STOP,  blame yourself.


Intelligent Quotient (IQ) is taught in schools which measures  the academic intelligence in a child , But Emotional Quotient (EQ) should be taught by parents, even before a child starts schooling. EQ is nothing but social intelligence which comes from accepting and embracing emotions. It makes them good leaders, have strong relations ,negotiate tricky situations and have greater self-awareness.

Only when you share your feelings (both negative and positive) with your kids and allow then to perceive it for themselves ,will they develop a stronger EQ. A happy child tends to pick up a happy bear at a toy shop. What they feel in the inside reflects in their personalities and eventually becomes their way of life.

After watching the movie “Inside Out” which demonstrates 5 emotions namely joy,fear,disgust,anger and sadness by an 11 year old characters Railey, Sparsh came up to me and said, “Mom, its OK to be sad , it’s not always bad” . “Yes he was the hero in the movie “adds Anaya.


Thankfully I am raising EQ children , who understand feelings and use their IQ to comprehend and react accordingly. It will be great if you get into the habit of keeping a jar full of emotions , and ask your children to participate too. I will make one too, and you?



Happiness and sunshine 🙂


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