You come back home after long day , and hear the kids fighting over a toy . You are talking on the  phone and the younger child starts to howl. You sit down taking notes and your coffee spills on your note-book . GOSH !


Keep your cool ? Take a deep breath ? but believe me you get short of breaths then. All the calmness fumes away in the huff and puff of the moment.Neither can you step away from the situation nor can you afford to get it on your nerves. Right! And how do you react ? Loose your temper? Shout? Most of us fall into this category.



In Pranic healing I was  taught to keep my tongue connected to the roof of my  mouth, well that’s done to increase your receptivity and increases the flow of energy . But it came to my rescue in resolving  a fight yesterday . Both my bunnies kept fighting over a pack of UNO( playing cards) and all I did was not say even a word. I connected my tongue and kept staring at them expecting the worst . But to my amazement, they resolved in 10 minutes which would have otherwise taken me more than half an hour. It saved me from hearing them say ” Mom, you love him/her more than me “. No question of taking sides, no explanations what so ever .



Remember your physics lesson , every action has an equal and opposite reaction. I understood that if I don’t react to their actions, they will eventually loose interest and give up.  Voila , once they stopped fighting , I got up got them both some water and closed the chapter for good.

” Why didn’t you say anything ?”, asked Anaya . Both Sparsh and Anaya looking at my face and waiting for an answer anxiously.

“Do you answer me ,when I call out for you at once ?”, I answered.

They looked at each other and quietly stepped out of my room.

Silence has a language of its own we just need to pay attention and listen to it. I am listening , are you ?
Happiness and sunshine 🙂

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  1. Chitra Satish says:

    So true . Silence helps resolve as you listen .


    1. Yes , and when u listen, I think rationally 🙂
      Many thanks for writing in Aunty !


  2. Akanksha Jaiswal says:

    Very true. Amazingly written


    1. Thanks buddy , only when we are silent , we listen and think beyond and find a solution to most of our problems !



    So true…silence is golden 👍


    1. Yes , indeed . Only when we are silent , we listen and hence think !


  4. sharann says:

    I love the tongue to the top of the mouth “grounding” exercise! Better silence than words we might regret. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes Sharann , it exemplifies self control and of course prevention is better than cure 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. sharann says:



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