If you have ever been to the passport office you would know what I am talking about . Room full of people from different walks of life. All eyes glued to the screens , waiting for their turn anxiously. A place we’re people were referred as numbers N 614 , W 153 and many more. A room so crowded that the air conditioning system fails to keep it cool. Children crying , women complaining and men checking on time , time and again. 
Another place where people are referred as numbers is at hospital , UHID’s become your identity. But let’s not talk about hospitals now . I want to share something else here , coming back to the passport office .

A woman walks up with her child sitting in a wheel chair. Suddenly I hear the chatters melt into whispers. All eyes turn towards the boy. While everybody was still trying to figure out what went wrong with him , the boy calls out for his mother in a hoarse , loud voice . “Amma”. Now all eyes shift pathetically towards the woman. My eyes also met with her once , she generously smiled at me and returned to feed her son some sandwiches which kept falling from his mouth. 

What struck me , where her shining eyes , full of hope. There was no despair in them , nothing , they were gleaming. And her smile infectious. She bought a smile on my lips too and I silently prayed for her son. Being a pranic healer myself , I sent some love and light to te duo filling them with strength , joy , inner peace and happiness. 

Her smile , her eyes taught me the spirit to fight and never give up and not loose hope! I once again looked up at the screen to see my number flashing , time to rush to the allotted counter. I bid adieu to the duo on a happy note! 

There are times when we should stop asking GOD why me ?? But say to him TRY Me ! 

Happiness and sunshine 🙂


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