Let it go 

The prayer above is self explanatory. It does brings joy , inner peace , happiness and spirituality if you practice it .

Last month I was briefing my husband on the arguement I had with Sparsh’s guitar teacher stating how arrogant and unprofessional the teacher was. I was not yet done , when I hear Anaya sing the famous frozen song “let it go”. I could not say a word after that, such was the impact of her singing and the words she sang so brilliantly. 

I didn’t have to be the good girl as is expected of me, taking a stand for myself makes me worthy .Instantly I could feel my heart feeling light and my mind free.I recorded her song and promised myself that whenever I am low I will listen to her sound clip and rejuvenate myself . 

We all find connect with something , a picture , a song , a write up or just anything. We all have our list of favourite sayings and thoughts too . Please make it a practice to revisit them now and then and feel happy. 

Happiness and sunshine 🙂 

P.S : I tried to attach the audio clip but couldn’t. I guess I don’t know the right way of doing it. If anybody has any idea , pls leave a comment for me .


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