What is weight? It’s the body mass that pulls you down it’s that quantity that quantifies your gravitational pull. And so much emphasis is given on the rightly called “Weight Loss Tamasha”. Some refuse to see the mirror to some who starve themselves to death all in the name of weight loss.  

Weight finds its way in our everyday lives in the form of lifting weights strengthens our muscles, weighing our food portions .paper weights to hold our documents in place also the weight of the fabric we wear. All have weights. Don’t we give weightage to our work and priorities things accordingly; teachers assess their students on the weightage of their performance. Now we can safely say all these weights are good weights. Right! 


But what we don’t like is the weight of our bodies. We all aspire to be fit and healthy and have perfectly shaped bodies. And how do we get this?? Exercising? Dieting? Yes surely it helps only when it’s done in moderation and not otherwise. Agree?


This is not only affecting adults but kids too. They feel offended when referred to as “moti or mota”. Calling names / nick names related to their body image is not acceptable to them as well. And in order to have their dream bodies they give up on eating during growing years. Which hampers their mental and physical development adversely?


But according to me the only weight we should focus on is head weight! Don’t carry too much head weight and burden yourself .The mind should be as light as a feather only then the body will follow suit. 


Have you not noticed you’re eating patterns when you are stressed?? Cravings? Fries, junk food, chocolates and ice creams. Mid night snacking due to loss of sleep.


Imagine if you declutter your work/home/lifestyle by eliminating waste (things, people, thoughts) life would be so much happier. Similarly focus on eliminating waste and toxins from the mind / body and soul and feel as light as a feather. 


My take on weight, hope it helps. So every time you think of your weight and sulk, just drop a bad habit and you will move one step closer to losing weight. Time to de-clutter yourself and just let it go!

Happiness and sunshine 🙂 


2 Comments Add yours


    Absolutely loved your thought process


    1. Was inspired to write this by a staff member at work , who was dieting every alternate day to keep a check in his weight !


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