Its summer holidays, yeah!! Time for holidays, family meet ups, small adventures, ice creams and more. Day out to water parks, a splash in the pool, running on the beaches and fresh blooms are all summer perks. Not to forget catching up on missed movies and all time classics over a tub of pop corns on a conformable couch. What else could one ask for?


This is exactly what we did this summer. While the temperature outside was soring new heights we (my kids and me) decided to keep ourselves occupied indoors. To stop the never ending fights and find peace in the house we decided to watch some movies. Now , the question was which one ?my older one refused to watch Disney movies ,saying Mom “No animation” here I was in a fix again , struggling to get down to one reasonable , educative and constructive movie for kids viewership.

Then something struck me and I started to tell the exciting story of my all-time favourite movie “The Sound of Music”. I kept stopping at the climax of every situation, which intrigued them to know more and finally my trick worked and we spent a relaxed afternoon watching the film. The kids thoroughly enjoyed the film and in fact understood the importance of music as a medium of expression. Sparsh displayed greater affection towards his guitar and promised to practice his notes often and improve thereon. Anaya also has shown interest in singing and now I am in the lookout for an appropriate mentor for her.

That very month Sparsh got his assignment (Unit of inquiry) on music and believe me, I did not have to explain or guide him on the topic at all. He understood and submitted his task all by himself, saving me hours of ranting and follow ups.

The week after we watched another classic “Marry Poppins” and without doubt the kids relished the magical experience and I refreshed my childhood memory of watching it with my brother many times.

Children are curious we just need to nurture their curiosity in the most creative way. This episode has surely helped me in handling and understanding them harmoniously.

Happiness and sunshine

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    Awesome….did something similar 😊


    1. Wow , do share your thoughts and experiences 🙂 awaiting to hear them all !


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