MOTHER is The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of home . Mother resonates love and kindness which to me are the essence of a being.

The decision to give up her sleek and slender body and bear a child in her womb demands courage. And to let every decision of hers revolve around that tiny body until life is the biggest sacrifice that she makes.

Today on Mother’s Day I want to tell my mother and all the other mothers to think about themselves too. I want them to be selfish and look after themselves first , I want them to follow their dreams and fulfill their aspirations. Travel see the world , break the monotony and live free.Free in the mind like a bird , rejuvenate herself, and live life king size . Nurture their hidden talents , break all shackles and learn to live . 

I Remember my nani telling me once , About 30 years back when my nana told my nani to start teaching her handmade talents to others and make it their passion, how she had refused saying “NO, what will the others say ?”. Yesterday I questioned that attitude of hers and wished she should have taken my nana’s advice and made a name for herself and improved her way of life by just changing her thoughts . 

This is not only about her , but about so many of mom’s who hesitate to take decisions . Moms today need to re-discover themselves and edit/modify their thoughts and learn to say “NO”. Take a stand for themselves and come out of their comfort zones to celebrate life and make it worth living .Take a class , learn a new talent , make new friends , laugh out loud. So loud that it fills you with happiness . For once , Live for yourself . 

Hope it reaches the right souls ! 

Happiness and sunshine 🙂 

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    True that..beautifully expressed


    1. Thanks ya , till date I want my mom to be around the moment I come back home !!


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