A bud to another “Oh no, here they pluck us again only to wrap up and present to someone another ” .  “yes that’s our plight , but let’s hope they don’t throw us in the bin ” replied the other still hopeful . 

And here they are sitting in my vase blooming with joy , spreading their fragrance in my room. So beautiful that they instantly take my worries away and bringing a smile on my face every time I look at them . Happiness is to visualise the glee amidst gloomy clouds . And these flowers have taught me well .

Kids are like flowers soft delicate tender and fragile . When nurtured well they bloom to bring glory and spread their fragrance in their words and deeds. All they  need is happy thoughts each day and a good sleep every night . We need to refuel their minds with positivity so that they learn to find happiness in small packets and relish them forever .
Happiness and sunshine 🙂 

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