Born to fear ?
( overheard these in the waiting room in a hospital last week ) 
Boy : I fear to ask my teacher my doubts !

Mother : why? be bold and clear .

Boy : maybe ! 
Girl : mom why didn’t you tell granny that it was not your fault , do you fear her ?   

Mother : no I respect her .

Girl : gives a confused look ??  

Fear is the brain child of love and with love comes respect . Our mothers feared during our birth , and then at every other milestone be it our first step or our first date. With fear came prevention and layers of over protections which makes us even more vulnerable to fear .

Today I want my children to live without any fear . They need not worry failures or competitions .They need to be bold and free to express , Because I am ready to accept them the way they are . All I want is that they give their utmost effort in doing a task without any fear . It’s because of fear that we don’t own up for our mistakes , or don’t talk to our parents creating the so called generation gap . It’s because of fear that we underestimate our own children . So why fear ? 
And today  when I asked my son , what was his fear ? He said it was darkness ! And I sighed relief , thanking God that at least he was not scared of me !

Happiness and sunshine 🙂 


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