Whom to call ? 

Well , not talking of medical emergencies or helpline numbers sometimes we just don’t know whom to call when the mind is in doubt . Why only in doubt but also otherwise when we just want to pour our hearts out but don’t know which glass to fill in . When there are thoughts but no words yet we want someone to understand us . Why don’t the app makers make an app which reads the mind and reflects its state . What if just dial could redirect our call to our mental helpline . If we were on the hot seat and could use the phone a friend option , that one name which would come to us which would help us sail through not only that question but the sea of life .     
When music becomes noise and company becomes crowd . Don’t get me wrong , not taking of PMS and related mood swings but a battle of emotions which each of us fight everyday . Not to justify anything , but to find peace. yes the mind gets peace when you meditate or do yoga or similar mind relaxing activities , but my question is for how long can we live in that sane state of mind .we can de stress by talking to a friend , but what if that friend starts to pour his / her problems on you ? Well all of us have issues and yes we all need to talk , right ? We are in a fix !  

As social animals we are expected to interact in harmony amidst our inner conflicting thoughts . Not to forget the judgemental society we live in . Does this not mean that we all go through multiple personality disorders ? We role play many characters forgetting our own self . Sometimes we act without thinking , speak without intentions and hurt both others and ourselves unknowingly . I am writing this to awaken my own self . Because writing makes me “think”and when I think I can choose to listen more and find peace . And as I write I know I have made a call to myself .  
Disclaimer : this does not mean I am sad , just a thought which I felt like sharing 🙂 so when are you making a call ??  
And if you have read all this , do share u you have found a better way to connect with self ?
Happiness and sunshine 🙂 


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    Awesome…and can relate to this so much. Read the Gita and make it your best friend


    1. Thanks Anshu 🙂 yes a belief is a must


  2. With out even me realising, ,talk to myself when I paint.
    I feel creativity is a phone call to self.


  3. With out even realising, I talk to myself while I paint…
    I feel creativity is a phone call to self.


    1. So true , it’s like meditation and the best we can do to ourselves ! Creativity captivates the mind in a fruitful spirit and brings out wonders !


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