This morning I was unable to see off my son ( Sparsh, 8yrs) while he was boarding his bus to school . I was so engrossed walking that I completely lost time . But non the less I caught up with his bus in the next stop after his , caught a glimpse of him from the bus window and waved him bye and said ” have a good day ” . Because he could not hear me , he figured that I will not hear him either after which he did something that stole my heart away . 
He gave out a big warm breath on the window pane and wrote “bye” with his tiny fingers and drew a heart around it . I was still lost in his gesture soaking into the wonderful moment , that the bus was put into gear and it started rolling . I stood there for a while seeing the bus leave, filling me with joy ! 
After which I continued my walk smiling to myself feeling blessed ! Life is made up of small things and little humble gifts like these can certainly make a day count , making life worth living ! 
Happiness and sunshine 🙂 
Disclaimer : this is not him in the pic , I was not carrying my phone then !


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