We have all heard our mothers say, talk to your pillow and tell what time you want to wake up tomorrow and it will work better than an alarm clock. Yes, it works I was surprised myself to see myself awake at the preset times. Thoughts that come to us in deep sleep are perhaps the purest and most creative ones. During my designing days I can vouch that I have seldom broken apart a design that did not work which was conceptualised in sleep and roughly drawn on paper kept at my bedside. They actually have proved to be my best sellers. Pillow fights with my brother are some of my cherished memories with pillows too.


But yesterday was something else. both my kids were fighting over pillows. Reason one cover was dark brown and the other icy blue and both wanted the blue one. It was past bedtime and I was wondering how to solve this pillow fight. The time was ticking and so were my nerves. Out of the blue I gave names to the pillows milk chocolate and icy mints. Sparsh grabbed the blue one and Anaya pounced on the brown one. Then what, I had to tell each of them separate stories (made up) on their respective pillows making sure that they start to like their own and stop fighting. Anaya expressed her love for milk chocolates and Sparsh for mint candies. After spending 10 minutes with each finally they were snugged to bed and fast asleep (sigh of relief).


While I settled in bed, I kept wondering how easy it is to manipulate the mind of a child. Trivial fights can be sorted and settled in some simple ways, what we need to do is stay calm and think out of the box. Creative ways of problem solving wins over multiple warnings, shouts and punishments. All we need to do is divert attention into something more interesting and viola you have won the battle already. All thanks to my story telling tricks this time. 

Think out of the box! Yes, this is what I need to concentrate on next time they fight. I am prepared, are you?


Happiness and sunshine


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  1. Chitra Satish says:

    So beautifully conveyed!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Many thanks Aunty ! We all are like fairy tale characters, all we have to do is live up to our roles 🙂


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