We often find logic in everything; even in the colour of sunset (orange or red or purple sometimes).We want all our answers to be logically correct and we don’t mind to ask google when in doubt. We attach a “why” a “question” to almost everything. When a wife gives a gift to her husband, the husband is curious to know the reason for the pamper. Why ? Can he not enjoy the moment and relish the gift instead of doubting on the intentions of his wife? When friends throw a sudden party, do we not try to figure out a reason for the same? Pregnancy announcement? Promotion? And it’s not limited to this, I have seen parents ask their kids, “what do you want?” after receiving a warm hug from the child?



Things don’t always have to be sensible, logical or perfect. Sometimes things are done out of pure joy not linked with any benefit or reason to it. When your mom prepares your favourite dish, do you ask her why? Life is like fairy tales filled with awe. Not everything is true but yet it makes perfect sense. Children at play often make-believe in the most incredible and incredulous ways. In role play, Moms and Dads may be accompanied by police officers and unicorns, and somehow it all makes sense. Childhood paintings are full of items that are not connected and unbelievable colour combinations. But to a child, none of this matters. It’s just about joy.


On one occasion I seemed to sleep in my kid’s room and heard my daughter in conversation with her dolls. That pretend play was hilarious, silly, filled with awe, fun; delightfully witty yet made perfect sense. It’s like when she coloured the apple black and on questioned said “mom, it’s got tanned in the sun”


Sometimes it’s nicer to let loose and not find logic, instead just savour the moment of utter nonsense and party hard.


Happiness and sunshine


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