I had recently hosted a play date for my son at home with around 15 kids aged between 6 years to 8 years as my guests. As expected the excited little buds arrived much on time to take full advantage of the day and enjoy to the fullest. The party began with the x box experience, wherein the kids played their chance in turns. Honestly I was amazed to see how well behaved and self-managed the kids were. They lost, they won, they shared, and they smiled all in sync with each other. Later they saw a movie together and feasted over yummy pizzas. Even a round of clean up was practiced in harmony.


To loose was normal to that bunch of kids, so why is it so abnormal with adults? Why do we take “loosing” to our hearts? We all say life is a game of ups and downs then why do we get discouraged at dips? Nothing remains stagnant and at one pace, not evens our heart rates or the Sensex or our very own mood swings. So why do we get dejected and loose our minds on some low days? It’s ok to feel low. It’s ok to feel sad about something. But it should not become an excuse for life. You need accept the negative feeling and then recharge your batteries both emotionally and physically. You cannot be emotionally sad and still smile on your face (trust me it’s the most difficult task ever done) the body needs to be in sync with your mind.


I was sad whole of last week and on Friday last when I saw these bubbling kids I told myself enough. I told my mind to bounce back and spring into action with a happy mind and here I am growing from happy to happier to happiest. We all know about the law of attraction, so guys get into action and stay happy. Thank you kids for pulling me out from that swarm.

I had first titled this post LOOSE but then realised it’s an extremely negative word hence changed it to WIN.

I am doing by bit, are you?


Happiness and sunshine

P.S: please don’t let your kids win every time you play with them; they need to “loose to learn”.




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  1. Sweta Ojha says:

    I loved the note at the end. Absolutely necessary to lose. My dad never let me win and is the biggest source of criticism around. I believe he has shaped me up. ☺

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    1. Yes , I make sure my kids don’t win every time we play board games . It does make a lot of difference in their upbringing !

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