During the Easter holidays, I was walking the kids through their homework assignments and asked them to pen down their tasks. They took out there worksheets and started to fill in the answers. In addition I asked my older one to write tables from 1 to 10 and also do some comprehensions to enhance his thinking and writing abilities.

After completing a few tasks, my older one says, “Mom, why should I write? Can I not answer you verbally?” No”, I answered “you need to get into the habit of writing “I said. He sulks and picks up his pencil and gets back to writing answers.

I leave their room and indulge myself in my errands. But his question follows me throughout the day.

Have we forgotten to write?

But who writes? Don’t we have smart phones, laptops and other gadgets with voice recognition and auto correct facilities making spellings not an issue at all?

Yes, the digital development has made our lives easier and faster. Letters have become a possession of the past and essay writing also may loose its existence in future. Even questions are often asked in multiple choice formats in which we are just required to tick or cross.

How does it feel to find a hand written letter in archives when cleaning your room? A birthday card full of good wishes, an anniversary card in your partners hand writing? Don’t we treasure these things? We recently got a hand written letter in mail from our son, and I cannot express how overwhelmed we were in words here.

Writing has its own advantages, improves concentration, helps in remembering things, refines vocabulary and is a fantastic medium of expression. Above all writing makes you think. And to think is very important. “Think before you speak “is something we often hear, but who has the time to think, it’s always action time, right!

When I cannot say something I write and believe me it works wonders. Be it in harmonising relations, or letting go of thoughts, writing is my saviour.

Happiness and sunshine




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  1. Manasi chowdhary says:

    Lovely article. Yeah me too feel the same and love to write thoughts.

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    1. Thanks a ton 🙂 yes it best to write


  2. Jaya Avendel says:

    I find that handwriting is a great help in connecting me deeper to what I write. I also fear phones have made people lazy when it comes to writing, because so much of what I read from my friends on social media is riddled with ‘r u’ type word shorteners.

    I also nominated you for the Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award, should you be interested. Details at https://ninchronicles.wordpress.com/2020/06/12/ideal-inspiration-blogger-award/

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    1. Thank you so much for the nomination , weekdays are generally busy will sit with this on Saturday and complete. Thank you once again.

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