ciccle 1                                  circle 2


What is common between the two images shown above?  No prizes for guessing it right, obviously it’s the circles that we draw around important dates or things to remember or around important notes. This is a general habit found in all and is quiet useful in maintaining a log of to do lists etc. . . .

Let’s talk more on circles, the earth is round, the sun the moon are all round. It gives a sense of completion. Implies the whole of something (like a full pizza, or a full moon).  A circle is the simplest closed shape, yet many of us cannot draw a perfect one. We often take help of a compass (a tool) to make one correctly. Nothing wrong in using one, what I am trying to say is that sometimes we need education, support and tools to make perfect rounds and find balance. Thus taking us from the darkness of ignorance to the lights of knowledge.



As I look into art books of my kids, and look at their attempts to making perfect circles, it intrigues me dig further and understand what a circle means to them, and this is what they said.

Sparsh: circle is round, it’s symmetrical, and it has no corners. (It’s open ended and has no limits)

Anaya: a circle is like a snow man.



Mind you we cannot run away from these loops, life itself is one such universal circle, marriage being the most distinguished one where you are made to take rounds around the fire (humour). Its a vicious cycle of love and hate, pain and gain ,sad and happy .

So let’s into action, and learn to draw circles. It is important that we close the loops, and make it as delicious as honey loops.


Happiness and Sunshine


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    Such a simple thing but so much thought to it. So rightly said…to make a circle we need the help of tools, just the way we need love and family support to keep us all together with no corners for anyone and no open end. 🙂


    1. So well comprehended ! Thanks for writing in 🙂 always a pleasure !


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