What does icy popsicles , colourful wobbling jellies , marshmallows sticks and colourful decorated cup cakes remind you of ?

No prizes for guessing it right ! Yes it al reminds us of our childhood. When our anger would melt like the popsicles. Our bodies would shake like the wobbling jellies and we would be proud of our flexibility. When hearts would melt with love just like the soft marshmallows. Cakes and candles proudly propagated our age to the world. A world full of excitement , fun and laughter . 

And look at us today ! Anger equals depression , no chance of letting it go! Most of us cannot even touch our feet and we blame it to our social lifestyle. Hearts seldom melt, and no question of lighting candles , after all we don’t want the world to know that we are growing old . 

We are loosing out on so much happiness on being closed , stubborn and unhealthy. 

Bring it on people , get fit , get happy , get a life and enjoy these small wonders which always come in small packets 🙂 
Happiness and sunshine 🙂 


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    1. Many thanks , request you to please read my other blog posts and provide encouragement 🙂

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