It was Saturday evening, my man  was travelling and I was stuck at home with one sick child and the other hyperactive one. Tell me who likes to do the mundane on a Saturday? Household chores, cooking and cleaning?


I made a grumpy face and entered the kitchen to prepare the final meal of the day. With a heavy heart opened the refrigerator, fetched some vegetables and began ruthlessly chopping them. Sparsh enters the kitchen to fill up his glass on water and finds me upset and talking to myself. He watched me for 2 long minutes and said “Mom, change your attitude and it will be easier”. I looked at him with amazement, thought something and smiled.


Now before you get into digging on how an 8 yr. old would say that? Well, it didn’t really come out from him, only the application of the thought was his. It all started with our bed time story on live learn from chicken soup for the kids soul series. In that story this boy was grumping about getting his hands dirty and sowing seeds in a flower bed. Every time he laid his hands in the mud, he would hate his work even more, and after hours of feeling unhappy, he found his work was not so bad any more. How? “Change the attitude and make it easier “these words told to him by his mom on various occasions finally got the better of him and he was happy again.


A settled way of thinking or feeling about something, wondering what this means ? ATTITUDE.  


What amazes me is how well these children analyse a situation and apply knowledge which was imparted to them as a bed time story. Thank you chicken soup for such simple stories which find meaning even today.


Happiness and sunshine 🙂 

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    So well written…. there is so much to learn from our little ones. Amazing


    1. Yes absolutely, the preachers also need preaching 🙂 thank you for your comment Anshu 🙂


  2. Wisdom... Akash!! says:



  3. Wisdom... Akash!! says:

    Ur poem in Hindi is fab as well


  4. Manasi chowdhary says:

    Very well written. Thank you for sharing it.


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