Being a mother myself I know answering to numerous questions being asked by kids can be very taxing. Each answer leads to another question and we get trapped into the vicious cycle of Why? How? When? And what’s .The more you answer the more they ask and this goes on and on, until you get tired.


I was school hopping during my older ones admission into high school and noted that IB schools in particular encourage this thinking and questioning pattern in kids . The more they ask, the more they learn is their “FUNDA”. This way the child is always curious to know more, explores the unexplored, and attempts to go beyond boundaries. And quiet honestly I find this approach quiet interesting, fresh and crisp to the mind. It clears doubts and builds up confidence.


As long as we are kids it’s ok to ask. But as we grow up we forget to ask. Asking for help becomes a sign of weakness (now the mind gets confused, why I cannot ask?) We don’t mind torturing ourselves mentally and physically as a result our health suffers .But asking for clarifications and solving an issue becomes as issue of pride and self-esteem. An issue which can easily be resolved by talking sticks with us for months or years hampering relations. Instead if we could ask for a meeting these petty issues get solved in no time. So why do we hesitate to ask?


Do we hesitate to ask for anything from our friends? Generally no! But again you may say they are not judgemental on us, agree. And what about family? Why do we think twice before approaching a family member? The fear of being judged or compared stops us from doing so. The so called generation gap sets in. We tend to assume things. My man very correctly points out “Why to assume? Always ASK “


Life would be so simple if family becomes friends and friends become part of family. Who knows we will soon have an app called ask family instead of ask google (humour).


Happiness and sunshine 🙂




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