Thank You

Today I came across something which intrigued me to know myself . Who am I ?? And Quiet honestly I could not think of more than a few lines for myself . But given a chance we could write an essay on people we know ! Right ?? We have thousand friends on Facebook  but we forget to friend ourselves . Ironically most of us may not even know what makes us happy ?

Today I want to thank myself for being me . My skin , my senses , my body for accepting me with all my imperfections. My mind for its thoughts , my heart for unconditional love and everything around me for keeping me alive full of hope and sunshine .

Also my kids who are teaching me to be thankful each day. Mom thank you for my favourite snack , thank you for putting me to bed , thank you for listening to me , thank you for this toy most importantly ,thank you for being there. A warm thank you note which comes in the mail ( written by your son as a part of activity done in school ) just swells the eye with tears of joy .


Thank your own self and love yourself unconditionally only then we will find pleasures in small joys and be thankful for them .Also please inculcate this habit of writing thank you notes in kids so that they can appreciate love and kindness today tomorrow and always .


Happiness and sunshine 🙂


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  1. Touching post. Keep the encouragement up!


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