Question ?

Taking a cue from Facebook , when I asked a few people on What’s on their mind when they return back home?.I got a variety of answers .

Some were longing to sit in front of their big screens and indulge themselves in the world of fiction and drama , some said they would satiate their cravings for “me” times . Couples wished to spend quality times with their partners , while an old man wanted to repair his glasses . An aunt said she wanted to finish her knitting project , a teenager said he wanted to grab some sleep . Women said they would do their house chores , while some were willing to head out again .

But when I asked a bunch of school going kids the same question I got a unanimous answer ” We want to see MoM” . Pyp kids said they wanted to hug and touch their mom , while the middle school said they wanted to tell her the happenings of the day . And the higher school wanted mom’s help in completing their assignments. They may we wanting to see her for different reasons, but they all wanted her .

I always thought once the kids start big school , or when they become slightly independent, they will not want me 24/7 . But these answers proved me wrong . Our kids want us always , only the intensity and degree of involvement changes , but never the subject .

I want to take this opportunity to tell my mom , miles away from me in another state in India , that I still need her . I miss you mom .

Happiness and sunshine 🙂


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