Art is one such activity , which seldom lets you get bored . Each stroke has its own story , its own expression . When was the last time you painted? Or made something involving your creativity . 

Being a jewellery designer myself , I know how important it is to keep your creative quotient alive .It’s like meditation. Brings calm and peace to the mind . It is the simplest form of expression . Have you ever seen a kid dip his fingers into paint and scribble something ? To some it’s a mess but to me it’s something else . It teaches colour coordination , builds motor skills , improves perception and enhances confidence . But most importantly it quenches the soul and spreads sheer happiness . Imagine the twinkling eyes of your little ones when they rush to show your their price of art. A sense of accomplishment and a smile on the lips is what that carries and what do they want in return ? Just a pat on their back which fills them with pride . ( yes , I can do it ) 

So please don’t hesitate to get your hands dirty. Enjoy the process and let the young minds explore. It’s education for our little buds , and food for the mind . So roll up your sleeves and get going. A super way to spend the vacations and keep the heat at bay ! 

Happiness and sunshine πŸ™‚ 

Disclaimer : sharing some art work done by my bunnies Sparsh and Anaya . 

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  1. agarwalaarti says:

    Creativity at its best!!::))

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    1. Thank you son much


  2. agarwalaarti says:


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  3. Thank you so much πŸ™‚


  4. Ritu agarwal says:



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