What must have these flowers felt when they were leaving the tree ? Yes we bloomed and have aged beautifully, have spread my fragrance and made the tree prettier , but now my time is up and I must go . Leave the known and accept the unknown. Where I will lay unnoticed , wither day by day , get squished and smashed , dry out and find myself in between broom sticks and thrown into litter. My existence will be lost , no one will remember me:( 

Just when I thought my life was served,life gave me a second chance to be alive again ! 

As I walk today on a beautiful spring morning , the lanes greeted me with flower beds and new flowers showered their love falling on me . I notice these purple flowers on a stack of stone blocks looking so pretty. Those flowers found rest in the soft lap of those hard stones , yet they were happy and smiling . And while I was gazing at their beauty a new flower joins and sits peacefully on the blocks. As if it had fallen to meet and greet me .

Often when we have complaints with life and question it’s existence , miracles like this happen and we begin to love life again. A gesture of kindness and gratitude fills in and we are back on track . A child wiping tears from your face , a husband sending you a thank you card , friends messaging how grateful they are to have you , or mom preparing your special dish , all carry love . Love enough to heal and sooth , and bring back life and make life worth living . 

Yesterday when my man was leaving me for the next 12 days and travelling abroad , I found solace in the arms of my kids. They said ” mom, we are there for you ” smile 🙂 
Happiness and sunshine:)


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