April 3rd 2017 

It is my girl’s big day ! My 6 year old proudly graduates into big school today. 

She got up much earlier than usual all excited for this day . As I kissed her good morning,I was getting butterflies in my stomach.Before my eyes would express that to her , we got into the day’s action. All her essentials were ready .New bag with freshly sharped pencils in a pouch . A neatly folded napkin and a matching pink bottle to go with her pink barbie bag.Her dress ( that new smell) , a small pony tail with two blue clips , socks and stain free shoes.

I walked her and Sparsh to the bus stop today, instructing Sparsh to take care of her and advising Anaya not to fight with him. And before I could finish she says ” mom , don’t worry , I will be fine” . I was relieved hearing this , but my heart thumped faster than usual and picked up momentum with every turn the wheels of her bus took towards the stop.( the wheels of the bus go round and round was playing in loop in my mind) . I wished both the kids a very good day and kissed them bye . 

Later in office today I found myself looking at the watch again and again waiting for the clock to strike 4 pm when I will be able to see her again . My mind kept drifting to her , thinking about her and only her . Sharp at 2 pm I pack my bag and head home . And as I sat in the car again my mind was playing the rhyme in loops.

It’s 3.30pm now , and the next 30 minutes will be the toughest for me I know. I have checked the location of her bus in the app provided , twice in the past 5 minutes . Did she get into the right bus ? Hope she ate well in school ! OMG she hates tomatoes . I hope the food was not spicy for her … did she manage to make new friends? Follow instructions in class ? How will she cope up with the long school hours etc are a few things cropping in my mind like bubbles, and I almost drowned into the sea of bubbles , then finally I see the yellow bus rolling towards me like a ray of sunshine pulling me out from the sea . 

She rushes out of the bus and hugs me tight and yells ” mom, I had a fantastic day ” and I hear my breath returning back to normal . The evening is surrounded by her school stories , teachers , friends , food , fun and laughter . I just cross my fingers and pray may each day me as memorable as this ! 

Love ma ! 

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  1. Cookingaartdewant says:

    ur expressing words are so perfect ..one cud visualize everything while reading….love to read n follow ur articals


    1. Thank you so much . I am glad you could read and live through 🙂


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