Anaya : mom I want a scooty for my birthday !

Sparsh : but you don’t even ride your cycle how will you balance a scooty ?

Anaya : but I want it ! 

Sparsh : Anaya you should first learn to cycle properly and then I can let you ride my scooty as well !

Anaya : really bhaiya , thank you !

This conversation might seem simple to you but it taught me some life lessons to cherish forever.

Don’t tag your happiness with things or future events , we often say I will be happy if ……. and when that event occurs, are we happy ? No , we tag it with something else ! So when will we be happy? Be happy now ! I am glad that my kids found their respective happy quotients then and there and didn’t make the mistake of postponing it . Anaya was happy that Sparsh would let her ride his new scooty too ! 

Wanting arising anxiousness whereas having is contentment with what is present now . So why postpone happiness for something which may or may not arise at all . Once we are content with what we have we are a happy soul . I am glad Anaya realised what she already had her bike and that it was equally enjoyable like a scooty ride . 

Be happy and sleep well , good night ! 


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