It was PYP talent day at my son’s school (I don’t want to name the school) but was he performing ? He was in the arts committee assigned for stage decoration and prop creations for various performance . 
But was he performing ? Is my question ! Some would say no because obviously he was acting backstage coordinating and managing . And some like me would say yes , because he was making the show happen. Building up sets and costumes and prop is quiet a task . 

But tarry a little , what I gathered that day was something else. I understood that the fate of the backstage artist depend on the performer and their proformances . Yes it’s true , because he/ she is the face of the show. If the show goes well, we want to know more about it , giving importance to detailing like costumes , jewellery , sponsors , designs etc . On the other hand if it fails to impress its audience they are given a bouquet of criticism. I have never heard someone complimenting a backstage artist after a bad show. Have you ?? 
And this is not only true for performances but it pertains to every life event . From marriages to birthdays or just putting up a family dinner. All is well became famous after the release of 3 idiots,but what I want to add is that “all is well only if it ends well “. Thats the irony of the entertainment industry and also of our lives.
Remember life is a stage and we all are performers , playing backstage or centre stage the choice is yours ! To me my son is a performer , my show stopper!

Disclaimer : the show at the school was superb ! This thought just crossed my mind after it was all over and the echo of the claps had faded out.

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  1. All is well only if the end is well. And this is so true!


    1. Some sweet bitter truths of LIFE


  2. Khusbu says:

    Very well thought…


    1. Sometimes I feel being on stage and taking charge is better , but again the show will not happen without the people backstage ! Tough one .


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