I recently celebrated my daughters birthday and on that day I found a new talent in my son . He played DJ for the entire evening , playing kid friendly songs and some from his own play list.

I was amazed to see how he was handling the gadgets and synced every music together entertaining the kids present at the party .

Later that night while I was putting him to bed , I complimented him on this new talent of his ,he just looked at me and hugged me tight , keeping his ears close to my heart . And said ” your heart beat is the most amazing music to me ma ” 

He left me speechless again , with tears of joy rolling down my cheeks and a smile on my lips.

Good night 🙂 


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Khusbu says:

    Wow.. so cute n loving.


    1. Speechless moments !


  2. Ritu agarwal says:

    Very well articulated…


    1. Thank you ! Experienced like this are worth penned !


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