What family traditions we follow ? Asked my older one . This was a week before but it has not left me since then . Not talking about festivals but simple family rules that we follow in day to day life . For me it’s washing my feet before going to bed , for my kids is no TV during meal times ( though they sneak and cheat often ) . For some it’s morning prayers , or eating meals together . But come to think of it , most of these change over time . Not because we don’t want to follow them , but maybe it does not suit the time then . Each of us tend to be pre occupied and most of the times glued to our screens big or small does not matter . 

Nowadays real conversations are less and what’s app chats longer . Trying to limit screen time when with family may or may not solve the purpose but it we’ll definitely make us more available to our near and dear ones .   

What I wanted to tell him to write was about quality time that we spent together.Bed time stories , reading a book , talking about the day , good or bad . Playing board games , cycling together or a simple evening stroll . A warm hug after school , baking cakes and then licking up the batter . These small gestures carry love , care and kindness which needs to be nurtured when green .   

At the end of this discussion when I said ” I love you ” he replied “more than you ” which left a big happy curve on my face . 
Good night


5 Comments Add yours

  1. agarwalaarti says:

    I am smiling!!!


    1. Sunshine and happiness 🙂 see you super soon !


  2. Sahana Rao says:

    A big smile and a big hug 💕


    1. Thanks dear , sending you more happiness and sunshine to cherish forever 🙂


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