I am sure we have all read the story of the hare and the tortoise but in today’s context none of us want to go slow and steady, we take all possible shortcuts to reach the finish line ASAP. And it is seen everywhere be it in investments  and risking our wealth or navigating traffic on the way home. This is not only limited to us but has extended to people and things around us too. Our smart phone need a 24/7 connectivity , with a speed even better than 4G and  camera has to be the best , after all we need good selfies . We want everything quick, and google is the answer to all. And if we can afford it , why not ! But lately we are expecting the same from our kids too, recently at a birthday party of a two year old this is what I overheard:

Mom 1 (mom to a 1.3 yr. boy): hey, mom 2 (mom to a 1.6 yr. girl), “you know I have put my son in the best preschool in town and they also have air conditioned class rooms”

Mom 2: Amazing! You know what I am sending my girl for coaching classes so that she interviews well for an international school this summer. But tell me, is your son walking without support? My daughter runs all day?

Mom 1 😦 frowns) but you know he can recognise alphabets already! Is your daughter potty trained?

Mom 2 😦 sulking) I make her wear imported pant style diapers, so it’s OK!

And so on…….

I was stunned to hear this. Are we going too fast? Are we letting our kids learn and explore things at their own pace? NO! But my question is why not? I did not put my kids into school until they were two and potty trained. I made sure they could express well before they landed into unknown lands amongst unknown faces. Why do we burden our children? Why don’t we let them learn slow but steadily? This will not only give them strong foundations but also confidence.  Yes we need to check if they are lacking in pace as compared to his/her peers, and encourage them to give their 100 % in case of lethargy or seek help if need be .

Adding to this ….

Have you ever noticed your own breathing? Don’t you breathe heavily in anger or under stress? This is because the body needs more oxygen to control the anxiety within and what does it bring? GRIEF. On the contrary when you meditate or do yoga or simply relax over a book, have you noticed how smoothly we inhale positivity and expel negativity in every exhalation? and what does it bring “JOY”. So what is the harm in slowing down a bit and let nature take its course?  End of the day we need to sleep with a happy heart and not catch upon breaths.

It’s OK to be the tortoise and  grow steadily rather than being a hare and grow over confident.

Take a deep breath !!!!!


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  1. Manasi chowdhary says:

    Very thought provoking article.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Manasi chowdhary says:

    An eye-opener. I always let the child be independent and decide on his own. Give the choices and they are smarter than us. Accept this. Let the child be and let us not take away the growing up joys from the.


  3. many thanks Manasi for your comment . I cant agree more , kids indeed are much smarter and dependable .


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