NO is one of the smallest words in English vocabulary but is a complete sentence in itself.  Allow me to elaborate on it.

Can you force another bite into your child’s mouth after he/she had said or signalled a NO?  Can you convince them to listen to you or do a task for you which are not agreeable to them? NO we simply cannot .Children learn this right from the age of 2 and use it fully to their advantage at an alarming frequency.

Some simple observations on this context:

  • You plan a day out with friends, and your child comes requesting you to entertain some of his friends over lunch, because he has already invited them without your permission. What do you do? You cancel your own program, Right !


  • You are working from home and your mother in law wants you to come out shopping with her for an exhibition held only for that one day. (do you have a choice?)


  • You are upset with something but you are forced to forge a smile on your face. SMILE 🙂


  • You are not interested in a task but you still do it for the sake of peace forgetting about the internal turmoil of emotion. Why ?

However, by the time we are adults most of us have forgotten how to stand in our power and place a high priority on our own needs. It is not just healthy to express our needs, it is imperative for our ongoing wellbeing. Our children teach us this every time they say no with unfettered, truthful conviction.

It’s time we take a stand and yes “NO” and befriend ourselves. Instead of being a Jack of all trades we need to identify our own real trade and accomplish it. Women aka “Multitaskers” also need breathing space, I am not saying that we should run from responsibilities, but we have to learn to say NO. It is then,not taken as a sign of weakness but goes to prove how much you love and respect  your work in hand .

NO, thank you  🙂


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