Sometime back on a tour in London , I was drooling over a woman with perfect body , carrying a designer label , dressed in a well fitted dress , standing tall in shimmering jimmy choo sandals . I found myself looking back at her now and then . And I secretly wished I was like her . 

But something happened around the end of the tour which changed my perception of drool worthy. I saw the same woman in pain . I noticed her bruises under her eye when she removed her sun glasses . I saw her puffed eyes and her hidden tears . She might have all , yet she was not happy . 
While on the other side of the bench I saw an old couple looking over the Stonehenge rocks hand in hand , smiling and clicking pictures using their new selfie stick . They made the most adorable pair , stealing moments and glancing at each other like they had just found love . And yes they were very happy ! 
On the way back on the bus I scribbled down on my notes , happiness is drool worthy not brands . Come to think of it , how do you feel after you purchase a designer label ? Very happy , right ? But for how long ? Do you wear it everyday ? Do you feel the same happiness everyday ? Don’t you aspire for a more expensive brand next time you see something on the shelves? It’s our happiness which is drool worthy ! Wear it everyday with pride and with all its humbleness .

Stay happy and keep smiling 🙂 

P.S : we also thanked our stars and clicked a similar pose with our new selfie stick 😉

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